Saturday, July 21, 2012


Where do you feel most creative? Do you like to draw or paint? Are you a builder of legos or blocks? Do you like to make up stories and act them out? I love creating all kinds of things . . . especially when I can share my creations with others.

Today I was in a gingerbread mood, this happens a lot actually, but didn't want to spend the time rolling out cookie dough or simply make bread. Then it hit me . . . I could experiment with the gingerbread dough in my waffle maker and if all turned out as I was hoping I could sandwich 2 waffles together with ice cream!

After a bit of experimenting the gingerbread waffles began stacking up in my pantry. I let them cool for an hour or so, after taste testing one just to make sure they were okay :>} then spread a nice thick layer of vanilla bean ice cream on top of one waffle and smooshed another one on top.
We all agreed that my latest creation was one of the best I've stumbled upon in a long, long, long time!
Gingerbread Ice Cream Sandwiches


Jessica Eaton said...

Hi There Ms. Rogers,
Your new blog for Kindergarten looks great. From the posts I've seen it looks like you are having a terrific (and sweet!) summer. Your new kiddos are so lucky to have you as their very first teacher at Allen Brook School. I sure will miss teaching with you, but Marcus and I will be sure to stop by and say hello and see all of the Joyful Learning that is happening in your classroom.
Mrs. Eaton

Julie said...

Hi Jess,
I was just thinking about you this morning! I love it when coincidences like this happen. I'm in school frequently getting my new classroom set up . . . miss talking to you and hearing you laugh. I'm sure you and Marcus are having many wonderful adventures all over the north east!!
Stay in touch,