Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Monarch Chrysalis

Look closely . . . can you see the butterfly inside?
While working in our gardens Bill happened to notice a monarch chrysalis that was attached to the side of our barn.
A chrysalis is when a monarch caterpillar sheds it's outer skin showing a green skin underneath.  That green skin becomes smooth with golden spots.  The caterpillar will stay like this for about 15 days, changing just a tiny bit each day, until it breaks out as a beautiful monarch butterfly.

Bill cut a small piece of the barn board away, keeping the chrysalis attached.  We found a stick and sliced the top down the middle about 1 inch.  Then we pulled the stick apart and slid the small piece of barn board in between.  Now the chrysalis is safe and can hang freely.  Something it must do to make it to the next stage of life.
Something has attached itself to the outside of the chrysalis. 
Home away from home. 
Would you like to see a day by day look at a monarch chrysalis?  Click here to view the monarch life cycle.  I'm not sure what day this chrysalis is at.  Stay tuned for more pictures as it develops and changes.

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