Sunday, August 12, 2012

Eleanor & Ginger

Eleanor often sticks her tongue out!
We have 2 very silly cats named Eleanor and Ginger.  Eleanor is 15 years old and lets us dress her up in just about anything.  She loves to be held and snuggled all the time . . . it takes all of us constantly giving her attention to keep her happy!  She even has her own chair at the kitchen table.  Wouldn't want to miss an opportunity to get patted.  Eleanor is quite talkative too, meowing and hissing to let us know exactly what she wants.

One of Eleanor's many hats.
Ginger is very sweet but a little camera shy.
Ginger is 14 years old and was a feral cat when we found her in Richmond, VT.  In the summer she packs up her kitty bags and moves outside.  Once in awhile she'll come inside and grab a bite to eat.  Most of the time we see her prowling the back field in search of rodents to snack on.  When the weather gets cold she moves back inside and sits quietly in the house barely making a sound (unlike Eleanor who is constantly meowing).  Ginger is very grateful to have been rescued all those years ago.

Alita is holding Ginger. She is a very tiny and super soft cat. I just love her orange coat.
 We love our pets and can't imagine a day without them.  Do you have any pets?

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Sarah Read said...

Yes, we have 2 dogs named Duke and Dexter. Dexter likes to give me kisses and Duke likes to follow me (without his leash!) while I ride my bike. I wish I had a bunny. I would name him Chubby.