Monday, August 20, 2012


I just love the feeling of the sand sinking beneath my feet.
We really enjoy the beaches in Maine, the smell of the ocean marshes, and the salty breezes that are always blowing.  This year we spent time on the large open beaches at Wells, Ogunquit, and York.  They aren't great for finding treasures from the ocean but the beaches are huge, sandy, and super for playing games.  The sand is so soft and really great for sculpting creatures too!

 Our last day in Maine was spent on a beach that was filled with people.  When we first arrived the tide was rolling in and wasn't quite at it's highest point.  Everyone was crowded at the top of the beach just beyond the waters edge.  We had to keep moving back as the waves moved closer and closer.  It was really fun to try and guess where the next wave would crash . . . would it reach our chairs or beach blanket?  When the tide went out the beach was huge!
This gull could catch a grape in mid air or even when bounced on the ground first. We thought it was better than a frisbee catching dog! It was king of the beach and all the other gulls ran away when this one swooped down.

Can you see the colorful stripe on the rainbow trout?

 One morning was a bit rainy so we headed to the LL Bean store where they have loads of cool stuffed animals and live fish.  The trout in one tank were really big and they had a bubble that you could step into that made you feel as if you were right in the tank with the fish.   

This little guy was really soft!


Sarah Read said...

We love going to Maine too. We often stay in Wells. Did you build the sand creature? Is the bear real?


Julie said...

Bill is the master builder in our family. I help haul sand and plop it down on a big pile. The bear is not real. We were just pretending that it was and that I am brave enough to stand next to it and put my fingers in it's mouth! I have had close encounters with bears twice right near my house. This stuffed bear was much bigger than the ones I saw for real.