Saturday, September 22, 2012


I'm quite sure iPads are one of the most engaging tools that educators of young children have available! This past week we worked on fine motor skills by practicing our Fundations letters using Doodle Buddy and iWriteWords. The children practiced over and over and over. All the while they were changing backgrounds, width of lines, experimenting with color and texture, and stamping out patterns. While using iWriteWords they had to accurately follow a path to successfully complete each letter. They quickly found that speed was not on their side and were able to self correct with ease. Their natural ability to use technology never ceases to amaze me.
Next week the children will work with a partner to use the camera on the iPads. The goal will be to find things in their world that are the shapes we have been studying in math. Each group will then present their findings via the SMART board and a document camera. They do love to share!!

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