Sunday, January 27, 2013

Writers Celebration

The children have been hard at work throughout the month of January creating small moment stories that capture well, a small moment of time in their lives. The backbone of this unit of study was to expand upon creating stories with a beginning, middle and end and begin using transition words that move a story along.
The children learned to start a story with the word "first", page two began with the word "then", and the last page began with the word "finally". When everyone was easily using this structure we began learning about how to add details to a story. The 3 ways we went about this was to label our drawings, add conversation among characters through using word bubbles, and by adding "who & where" on the first page (essentially characters and setting).
I am so very proud of how well the children used this structure in their writing and how well they noticed it in others stories during our daily share time.
To close the unit of study we had a celebration. The children choose small groups to share their stories with and snacked on well deserved cookies!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Are you curious!

We will be spending the next few weeks thinking like scientists. I primed the pump last week by having the children take a close look at just who a scientist is and what they do. What we discovered is that scientist are ordinary people, just like us, who happen to be very curious. They also ask a lot of questions and search for answers. As it turns out kindergarteners possess those very same qualities! 

As kinderologists (we are pretty much experts at being 5 and 6) we will begin our scientific studies with solids and liquids. Check back for insightful questions and discoveries from the children. Especially when we dive into the area of non-Newtonian fluids . . .