Saturday, September 7, 2013

When you think you are done . . .

You have really just begun!

We have had 3 writers workshop mini lessons and that was the phrase that taught us how important it is to revise our work. Through modeling the children saw how a simple drawing of a cat started the previous day could have more added to it and could quite possibly teach somebody something. The children's work then took on life with backgrounds, labels, and titles. Six school days ago they did not believe they were writers. Today they do and they are. I love Kindergarten!

An opportunity arose during writers workshop on Friday to teach one student the importance of spaces in between words. With the help of a very important tool (space man) she successfully used spacing and then with the help of our document camera taught the rest of the class her new found knowledge and shared our bucket of space men with the entire class. So much more powerful than had I introduced it myself.

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