Friday, November 29, 2013


This group of children just love to work on projects that require messy paint, lots of cutting, glueing, and a whole lot of silliness! Handprint turkeys were a big hit so we expanded on them and created turkey wreaths with handprint feathers, turkey place cards, thankful pop-up books, among other holiday decorations. We celebrated all of our hard work with a party which began with rearranging our room so we could all be seated at one long table. We thanked those who made it possible for us to come together and share a delicious (and nutritious) snack. Our turkey was a huge hit and several children were surprised how much they enjoyed fresh pineapple.

The next 3 weeks will be a whirlwind of gingerbread stories, songs, and activities. Stay tuned!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Donors Choose Headphones

Our headphones arrived from Donors Choose!! Thanks to everyone who donated to our project. When the box was delivered to our classroom the children knew immediately what was inside. They were full of questions about when and how we would be using them. We started with our iPads and they worked like magic. Easy to use, easy to adjust the volume, and allowed everyone to focus on their iPad uninterrupted. We use them with our classroom computers and CD player. We have taken them to the technology lab where we can all be on our own computers working on a variety of literacy skills and activities. We LOVE our new animal faces headphones!!