Sunday, October 28, 2012

Math is Everywhere!

Many of our workplaces in math are designed for pattern replication . . . and boy oh boy do they love to replicate patterns! It's to the point now that they use patterns in their free play with blocks, toy food in the kitchen area, drawing and coloring, etc. They are beginning to notice patterns around them in nature, on the playground, walking in the halls, and in everything we do in math. This is an easy one to continue at home or on the road as math is everywhere!

Once a week we have a guest in our classroom who loves math almost as much as the children . . . Sophie the Therapy Dog. Sophie has been visiting my classrooms for the past 2 years and always listened to children read aloud. This year our schedules didn't work out so Sophie (and her owner Nancy) decided to give math a try. So far the children have taken turns sequencing number cards in counting order and then reading them back to Sophie. 

For children that may be shy to participate in front of others or hesitant to try something new, Sophie's quiet presence encourages them to keep trying. They want to be successful for Sophie and are willing to put themselves out on the line in front of her as she never judges. We love Sophie!

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Ms Stein said...

It looks like you do a lot of math. We miss you Miss Rogers. Fondly, Ms. Stein's Class