Monday, June 25, 2012

Mount Mansfield

One of my most favorite places to be is the highest point in Vermont . . . Mount Mansfield.  My entire family skis there in the winter (husband, children, father, brothers, nieces and nephews) and we enjoy hiking the mountain in the summer.  When you look at the mountain from far away it looks like the side of a persons face.  The different peaks on the mountain are even named after the parts of a face, Forehead, Nose, Chin and Adam's Apple.  Here is the Nose.  Can you find the other parts?

On June 20th my husband Bill and I hiked up one of our favorite trails, Nosedive, and then continued on to the top of the mountain to the Nose.  Twenty five years earlier we stood on the very same spot and were married.  It was a very special day and we had a super fun time on the mountain.

We came upon a chairlift and took many pictures of ourselves.  It's not easy to take a picture of yourself.  You need to have really long arms!  After several tries we started getting really silly!!

Finally we got a nice picture. 
Can you see which arm Bill is using to hold the camera and take the picture?  

Here I am pretending it's winter and I'm skiing down an experts only trail. Yikes!!
We came upon this bulldozer and I just had to climb aboard and play for awhile! 
I love big earth moving machines and have always wanted to drive them and do some digging.  
How about you?  What do you dream about doing?


Abigail W said...

I dream about being a veterinarian.

Julie said...

Oh how wonderful Abigail! Do you have any animals of your own? I have 2 cats . . . one is very, very silly. I'll post pictures of them soon.

Abigail W said...

Yes, I have a dog named Molly. Sometimes she can be very silly too. When my sister plays on her "Hippety Hop," Molly will stand on her back legs, like a person, while trying to chase and catch the Hippety Hop by using her front paws and mouth. I think she thinks it's one of her balls, only much, much bigger!