Friday, August 31, 2012

Think Smart

School has finally started and we are all together at last! The children have eagerly gobbled up every activity presented to them and many have become fast friends. On the first day of school the children were given a sentence strip with their name printed on it and were asked to cut apart each letter and then glue them on a long strip of paper in order. Their pictures were taken and the letters were counted. On the second day of school they had to locate the corresponding number, their picture, and glue them on the paper. There were loads of directions for where to glue each item, listening skills are so very important! When everyone was finished we discussed just how we should display our completed papers in an order that made sense . . . and . . . voila, an ascending graph came to life before our very eyes. As each child added their own name card they began noticing different things. 
We noticed that . . .
1.         They are in number order.
2.        They are in a rainbow but in in order.
3.        It looks like an alligator with feet and a tail.
4.        It looks like a big letter F if you take away the top one.
5.        There are 5 number 4’s and the next number is 5!
6.        The numbers are 3 – 9.
7.        The first one has 1 and the last one has 1.
8.        The 4’s have the most.
9.        The 6’s have the 2nd most.
10.      Our graph looks like steps.
11.       It looks like buildings with windows and curtains and our faces are in the windows.
Our 1st graph created using the letters in our names.
 We are going to bind our pages together, in order of course, so that we have a classroom book with all of our names with pictures.

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